Only a mile and a half from downtown Indianapolis, Fountain Square is located at the intersection of Virginia Avenue at Shelby and Prospect Streets. Fountain Square was the first commercial historic district in Indiana. Its existing buildings span more than a century of development from 1871 to the present. Fountain Square played an important part in the Indianapolis theater heritage; the areas commercial district had more operating theaters than could be found in any part of Indianapolis from 1910 to 1950. The Fountain Square Theatre Building opened in 1928 as a place for entertainment, shopping and professional offices until its decline began in the late 1960's. After undergoing renovations started in 1993, the building once again houses entertainment and events in the Fountain Square Theatre, duckpin bowling in either of two vintage alleys, two restaurants, seasonal rooftop dining, a cocktail bar, and overnight accommodations.

Fountain Square is once again becoming known as a home for unique restaurants, art galleries and studios, live entertainment, antiques, and small professional offices. The designation of Fountain Square as one of Indiana’s first urban Main Street programs, coupled with the distinction of being named as one of the six Indianapolis Cultural Districts, has the commercial district poised for further reinvestment and improvement. Fountain Square is linked to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick, the Cultural Trail connects Fountain Square to downtown Indianapolis with an 8 mile world class urban bike and pedestrian path. The cultural trail also features a bikeshare program providing visitors and residents an exciting, convenient way of enjoying downtown Indy.

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